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We share the various tasks necessary to keep the house running. We usually divide the work up at the start of the year (our leases run from Aug 15 to Aug 14) and then swap jobs around as seems appropriate.

Jobs: You are required to cook dinner for the house twice a month.  After cooking, you clean the dishes you used, sweep, mop, and tidy the kitchen. Members also perform two work jobs for the house; those should take about two hours a week.  These jobs range from taking out the trash, managing accounts receivable, accounts payable, food shopping, sorting mail, cleaning bathrooms, cleaning common spaces, etc.

House Meetings: We meet as a house once a month (usually the first Sunday of the month) to discuss issues, finances, proposals, membership-ers, etc. Meetings help the house run smoothly.  They are usually less than two hours; recently they have been about 45 min.

Kitchen: Everyone cleans their own dishes. We have a personal fridge and personal area in the pantry to store your own food.

Pets: If you are interested in having a dog or cat (or any other pet), it must also be membershipped to insure it will be a good fit for our house and will get along with the other pets.

contact rivendell: rivendell.coop@gmail.com