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Rivendell’s Food Coop provides a source of food and fellowship for all members. By purchasing bulk food together, the house is able to save money while being able to buy more socially conscious food items such as local and organic vegetables and goods. All co-op members are required to participate in the food co-op, as stated in the current membership contract. 

We only purchase and cook vegetarian as a house, but you are welcome to purchase and cook meat for yourself. We purchase bulk food though Regent St. Co-op and buy our weekly food from Woodmans and the Farmer's Market. 

Each person cooks for the house twice a month.  After cooking, you must clean the kitchen -- which sounds like a lot of work until you realize that there are about 20 other days when someone else cooks and cleans for you.

Food is currently $110 each month.

Interested in just joining the food coop?  Email us to set up a membership dinner!

contact rivendell: rivendell.coop@gmail.com